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Nu-Tech Fascia Boards & Barge Boards | The Gutter Pro

Nu-tech fascia and barge boards exhibit all the features of Nu-tech fibre-cement and provide a cost-effective solution when compared to other materials.

Nu-tech are more cost effective, not effected by moisture, cannot rot, is light weight and easy to paint.

We supply and install a variety of different sized fascia boards (150mm, 225mm and 300mm). The most commonly used is the 225mm as it is more aesthetically pleasing on any domestic house.

We do two different sizes barge boards (200x80 and 280x80). 200x80 is more commonly used on domestic houses. The 280x80 can be used on factories or on flat roofed houses where we must hide the roof trusses. When fitting new barge boards, we will always replace the 38x38 brandering behind the barge board as this is where we must attach the barge board to. If this timber is not up to standard the barge board will just be ripped off in strong winds.

We also use flat head brass screws to install fascia’s and barge boards as a nail will start to rust and eventually leave marks on the fascia and/or even come loose.

We only use a 12mm thick fascia board on all the different sizes. The thickness gives the fascia board more strength.

When we install fascia’s and barge boards, we will paint them both sides. Some people believe that a fascia must only be painted one side and allow the material to “breath” out the back. This is not the right way of painting these boards. We will paint the board’s first coat with a Gipson plaster primer and allow to dry. We will then paint two coats top coat in any given colour with an outdoor PVA acrylic.

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