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There are 2 different sizes of seamless gutters. 6” Industrial and 5” Domestic.

The gutters and downpipes gets manufactured from a 0.58mm Colorlume colour coated steel. Colorlume is a pre-painted Aluminium-zinc coated steel with a distinctive smooth, flat fine spangle. The coating composition by weight is 55% aluminium and the balance zinc alloys applied by a continuous hot-dip coating process. It has both aluminium-unique corrosion resistance, heat resistance and zinc-unique “galvanic behaviour”. Worldwide, Colorlume is used in the white goods industry, automotive parts, roofing products, rainwater goods, etc. and can be produced in a variety of specs from soft drawing quality to high tensile roof sheeting.

A 15 year manufacturers guarantee is given to the client against paint peeling, paint fading and rusting.

The size, type of roof and how many down pipes can be fitted will determine the size of gutter to be used.

Seamless gutters get roll formed on site. This means you will have straight lengths from stop end to stop end or corner to corner without any joints. NO JOINTS NO LEAKING!!!

The gutters get fitted with an internal aluminium bracket. We do not nail a gutter into the timber but rather use a brass hex head tek screw for a much stronger installation. Nails will eventually rust and with the slightest weight it might just rip the gutter right off.

On an inside or outside corner is the only place where we will have to join our gutters. We will cut the gutter to a 45 degree and then fit a corner mitre on the outside. We use aluminium pop rivets to secure the gutter and corner mitre together. Inside we will seal the corner with a Wurth UV resistant sealer.

Endcaps gets crimped onto the end of the gutter and inside sealed with a Wurth UV resistant sealer.

We have 2 different sizes of down pipes. 100x75 Industrial and 75x50 domestic.

All gutters and downpipes come in 14 different colours. Wheat, Gemsbok sand, Safari brown, Cape red, Armour grey, Charcoal, Kalahari tan, Silver white, Bronze, African cream, Colonial green, Azure blue and Tuscan clay.

We do installations nationwide but will take anywhere within a 200km radius as local and no traveling charge will apply.

All our staff has done working at heights training and have full PPE to work on any given site domestic or industrial. We take the safety of all of our clients and staff as very important and always ensure that all work carried out be done in a safe manner according to the OSH act.

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